Management software: The software world moves fast. Everyday new develop & creative to make your business successful. Sidra Almuntaha Company provides a many specialized software to serve the business. Always we are updating with our partners to achieve future aspirations.

  • Consultation: Best consultation for your ERP requirement We Provide ERP Software consultation to help organizations in Kurdistan region of Iraq, improve their performance and efficiency.
  • Web design: Web design is our Business and our passion. Our approach is simple and direct, we deliver stunning web design great usability and scalability with more power through cutting edge web.
  • Accounting & Stock Control: Designed to meet all the requirements of the general trading and contracting companies and factories without exception, it is founded on providing all the information the crisis and the necessary (close the year and rotate balances, depreciation, payroll trading / profit and loss / balance sheet, comparisons to previous periods charts, cost centers, print checks , the analysis of the age of accounts, financial flows, and reconciliation banks), as well as many of the necessary features.
  • General accounting: Definition of accounts through the definition of accounts that contain the data for the characterization of the special account, including card (account code – account name – account type – the nature of the account- Warnings- To calculate the estimated budget – Hand account).
  • Enterprise resource planning software : Sidra almuntaha provides out of the box or customizable ERP software solutions for trading, Construction, Manufacturing / Production companies in Kurdistan region of Iraq.